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Student stories

Our students are making positive changes in their design careers. They help make the world a better place, one experience at a time.

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“It only took me three days trying the Cornell University certification to realize that it was not at par with what you guys were doing.”
“The passion came back, even as a graphic designer. I was just in a rut and this program kind of re-energized me. And it even lit a fire under me at my real job too.”
“I can apply this new UX knowledge and work into a new job. But still with the background I’ve been using for years as a strong foundation. It all seems to work really well together.”
“That genuine interest in both the material and the student’s success... I don’t know if it exists elsewhere. I have not found it, and I looked really hard before finding you guys.”
“I’m very strategic about how I approach projects now. Before, I kind of just wanted to make things look pretty, like grab a person’s attention, have nice branding.”
”You make it fun, you’re super knowledgeable and you have real world experience, which not a lot of professors do.”