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Is your graphic design career not cutting it聽anymore?

Lack of impact
Difficulty in demonstrating the impact of designs on business outcomes and user value.
Financial insecurity
Facing regular budget cuts or receiving low wages is challenging to make a living.
Not receiving acknowledgment or respect for the effort and creativity put into projects.
Subjectivity & revisions
Dealing with stakeholder subjectivity and multiple rounds of revisions is frustrating AF.

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Join 9,000+ creatives

Our mission is to reinvent UX education & empower graphic designers to love their careers.

Say goodbye to: Lack of impact 路 Just making things pretty 路 Cranking visuals one after another 路 Subjective client feedback 路 No way of showing ROI 路 Putting out fires at the last minute 路 Countless revisions 路 Artistic burnout 路 Lack of respect 路 Being undervalued 路 Scope creep 路 Low pay 路 Etc.

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When you think of the phrase "The customer is always right", your mind may immediately go to an unsatisfied "Karen" screaming demands at an overworked cashier or customer service manager. However, this phrase extends beyond the service industry into other fields. As graphic designers, we often feel the pressure of know-it-all clients, with visions well outside the scope of reality. Don't get this wrong, client feedback is amazing and necessary. However, when push comes to shove, sometimes the client is just flat wrong. What one may call "creative differences" another may see as "I want it my way". It's always a tough balancing act to merge what the client wants and what lives up to design standards. It's not just the service industry, even professions like Graphic Design fall into the mindset of "The client is always right". We all want happy clients (and being paid is a nice bonus too), but getting there can often mean sacrificing good design for a client's demands. Plus, caving to every single client request can sabotage the entire design. We are all capable of playing Simon Says with our clients, but we need to learn when to say no. The client is not always right and that's ok!


As a design strategist within a professional services firm, this is a very common situation I am faced with somewhat regularly.

Our leadership sometimes regards stakeholder approval so strongly/weighs it so heavily that their personal biases and opinions can win out over what is best for the user or what the data says we should do.

In times like these, I try my hardest to hold my ground and give a clear and concise explanation around why I feel we should proceed in a certain direction. I would say most of the time it works, but the times when it doesn鈥檛 can be extremely frustrating. In those times I feel that I am not able to do my job to the best of my ability because, first and foremost, I see myself as the defender of the client/user, and in that moment they are being forgotten or at the least not brought to the forefront.


The only UX education company that specifically empowers graphic designers

What motivates us to get out of bed in the morning? Serving and empowering graphic designers.

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Community magic
Our community is everything鈥攊t鈥檚 where amazing things happen. We celebrate great creatives across the globe.
Design your life
We believe that creatives have the power to make change happen鈥攆or themselves and for the world.
A bundle of fun
Play is part of our DNA. We鈥檙e convinced that we reach our fullest potential when we鈥檙e having fun!
Empowering designers
Designers are changemakers who deserve 聽genuine recognition, respect, and fair compensation.
Raw authenticity
Now more than ever, the future of design must be guided by raw authenticity. Not by profits and tricky tactics.
Personalized & live
People learn best with tailor-made, live education and mentors who genuinely care about their success.
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Educating the next generation of UX聽designers

We鈥檙e honored to empower graphic designers to master the skills that propel their careers.

Their passion for helping people reach their potential is inspiring. You鈥檒l gain confidence in your abilities as a designer.

Picture of Kit Unger, VP of Design at MURAL
Kit Unger

You make it fun, you鈥檙e super knowledgeable, and you have real world experience, which not a lot of professors do.

Picture of Brittney K.
Brittney K.

Their level of craft is inspiring.

Picture of Chandler Tsai
Chandler Tsai

Colton and Ludovic taught me the critical fundamentals of what makes a great UX designer and were transparent about the things that aren鈥檛 so glamorous about the industry. I loved working on things as a group as we were able to exchange ideas and fine tune them to create a satisfying end result. Thank you!!

Picture of Christopher
Christopher B.

Colton and Ludovic are incredible mentors! They are there for you every step of the way and thoroughly answer your questions. At the end of program, I understood the UX process, gained friendships, and built two portfolio pieces I was proud of.

Picture of Katie P.
Katie P.

I would recommend Kickass UX to anyone interested in pursuing UX design as a career because you will not only establish a great foundation, but you will have two extraordinary designers rooting for your success as well.

Picture of Valerie P.
Valerie P.

I was just in a rut and this program re-energized me. And it even lit a fire under me at my real job too.

Picture of Ryan W.
Ryan W.

That genuine interest in both the material and the student鈥檚 success... I don鈥檛 know if it exists elsewhere. I have not found it, and I looked really hard before finding you guys.

Picture of Caroline B.
Caroline B.

If you are looking to really speed up your UX learning, look no further than Kickass UX! Colton and Ludovic's courses were just what I needed to help me grow and build confidence in my skills with expert guidance along the way.

Brad L.
Brad L.

As a graphic designer, I was feeling stuck. This program has allowed me to add these new UX skills which is exciting.

Picture of Chad K.
Chad K.

Ludovic and Colton provided specific feedback on my work that helped me better understand key pieces of the design process. They are extremely approachable and always seeking to make sure you are getting what you need from the class. 10/10!

Picture of Shamyra
Shamyra H.

Colton and Ludovic are sharp, empathetic, and craft oriented designers. Both of them have a passion for diving head first into a problem space and bringing others along with them.

Picture of Phillip Gockel
Phillip Gockel

This program challenges the way that you think and it really makes you take a deeper look as to why you are designing what you鈥檙e designing. It also helped me communicate my ideas better and that鈥檚 powerful.

Picture of Aurora D.
Aurora D.

Ludovic and Colton have made my money worth it!!! They saved me from endless searching on YouTube with their curriculum and getting lost in the void with their small class sizes. Highly recommend them. *This is not a sponsor, just real human feelings* 馃槉

Sirikwhan P.
Sirikwhan P.

Colton and Ludovic are friendly, knowledgeable and above all, dependable. I could rely on them to help me out with a UX problem anytime!

Picture of Ramya Ramaswamy
Ramya Ramaswamy

UX/UI Expert helped me become a better art director and designer. Even though I didn鈥檛 want to transition to UX design, it feels so good to have a better understanding of how I can support the UX team members and design process.

Picture of Krister D.
Krister D.

When I first started looking into UX design with more sincerity I wasn鈥檛 sure where to start. Now I feel more confident in myself in navigating the design process. For me, the best part was having personal access to professional UX Designers who are willing to answer any questions you may have about the field.

Picture of Kaitlynn
Kaitlynn R.