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Master the UX fundamentals in just a few days, and see if UX is for you.
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The crash course helped me understand what UX is and how it can be applied almost anywhere! It was totally empowering to build a mini app that solved an urgent problem in just a few days!
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Alan G.
Just finished your 7-day UX design course and I must say the course was crisp, on point and very informative, to say the least. I just wanted to thank you for putting this together!
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Amrutha B.

Once you get a taste of UX, you won’t want to go back.

Hi! Colton & Ludovic here. 👋

We have over a decade of experience between the two of us and have created experiences that helped millions of people.

Ever since getting into UX, we both realized that there are tons of misconceptions about what UX actually is. 

We’ve been approached by countless individuals who wondered if UX is the right move for their career.

Our free UX design course will help you master the UX fundamentals and understand the process.

What you'll do

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We’ll email you a new lesson every day to help you solve a problem for someone you know.

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By the end of the course, you'll have built a mobile app prototype that solves your user’s problem.

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You'll also run a usability test with them to see how well your prototype meets their needs.


Why graphic designers
transition to UX

Discover why graphic designers switch to UX and why they're already set up for success.


Intro to UX

Start off on the right foot by getting acquainted with UX, the key phases of the UX process, and setting your expectations for the crash course.


User interview

Conduct a user interview with a friend, family member, or roommate to identify a problem to solve.


Competitive analysis

Take the problem you identified and conduct a competitive analysis to determine relevant solutions already in the market and where they fall short.



Transform your findings into sketches. This is where you sketch out a bunch of different ideas about how you can solve the problem.


Paper prototyping

Take your best sketches and stitch them together to create a paper prototype to test with your user (the person you interviewed).


Usability testing

Using your paper prototype, conduct a usability test with your user to see what they think of your mobile app.

Join hundreds of
designers learning UX.

Take our free 7-day UX design course, complete your first UX project in just a few days, and see what you think.
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