On a mission to evolve UX education.

Kickass UX is on a mission to reinvent UX design education. Goodbye, impersonal bootcamps and university programs. 👋

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Image of many of our students
Hey, I'm Colton! 👋
Hey, I'm Ludovic! 👋
Together, we co-founded Kickass UX!
Below is a picture of us backpacking around Mount St. Helens. 👇
In our 18+ years of combined UX expertise, we’ve designed solutions for millions of people around the world.
We’ve been approached by dozens and dozens of designers wondering how we broke our way into UX.
And from these conversations and from our own experiences, we've learned that UX education has failed many aspiring UXers.
Here's why:

UX education is expensive, impersonal, and inconsistent.

Designers shouldn’t have to wonder how many years it’ll take to repay their student debt. Or if their mentor will care and support them.

$15k-$100k is a massive hurdle for people
Being priced out is a reason why people stop pursing a path that they’d otherwise love to take.
Large class sizes are super impersonal
To support dozens of students, institutions make choices that render the education impersonal.
Instructors don’t know who you are
When institutions are too large, instructors can’t know their students’ names, challenges, etc.
Unpersonalized, general education
Designers have specifics needs and challenges. You can’t teach a topic the same way to everyone.
Teacher was never in the industry
We've talked to so many students who have had instructors who NEVER even worked in UX.
Learn the theory, not what's practical
Many institutions teach an idealized UX process that doesn't reflect how it's conducted in the real world.
Yup, mass education is impersonal and can be really costly.
But that’s not all...
Unfortunately, the portfolios these students create make it really hard for them to get their first UX job.

Hundreds of lookalike portfolios flood the UX market every year.

Too many bootcamp and university students create cookie-cutter portfolios that look like checklists.

The problems
Pre-canned group projects
Pre-canned projects are fine for learning purposes, but they’re not meant for building a portfolio.
Students are taught "linear UX"
Because many schools provide students with a template for their case studies, everyone looks alike.
Portfolios are too rigid and cookie-cutter
They’re taught to apply a rigid process and have a hard time thinking outside the box.
Inability to explain the WHY behind decisions
Many portfolios fail because of the students inability to express the why behind their design decisions.
Not diving into the problem enough
A lot of bootcamps just teach how to solve the problems. But not how to know what problem to solve.
Bad mentors equal bad outcomes
There are many stories of students going to bootcamps that cost $15,000+ who got a bad mentors.
That’s the harsh truth.
And that’s why we’re on a mission to reinvent the UX education.
We've spent years creating the future of UX education.

Welcome to what we call the “post-bootcamp” era.

Goodbye impersonal bootcamps and universities. Say hello to the future of UX education.

1. Personalized
We take pride in creating genuine relationships with all our students. We adapt ourselves to everyone’s needs.
2. Fun & intense
Isn’t learning better when it’s fun? We think so! But make no mistake, our programs aren’t a vacation either 😉
3. Wildly confident
We’re playing the expertise game. We’re not just teaching surface-level skills, but a deep understanding of why to make design decisions.
4. No B.S.
We value the honesty required to call students up into professional success. If you’re aren’t on track, we’ll let you know so you can course-correct.
5. Stretching limits
We stick to our promise to train exceptionally and hold students accountable to their goals to learn.
6. Accessible
Traditional education can be really expensive. Everyone should have access to quality education.
After years of fine-tuning, we’re proud to evolve UX education for the better.
That’s what makes Kickass UX so different! We're here to help you succeed!
Come join us!
Image of many of our students