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I accepted a full-time UX role this week, and your newsletters were so helpful as I went through different rounds of interviews. I’ve transitioned careers, and I feel like y’all are so consistent at speaking to folks in my position with honesty and hope. I’ll continue to invest in the content y’all put out!

Picture of Nathan
Nathan R.

Clear, concise (with an eye-pleasing layout), and packed with value for aspiring UX Designers / Writers as well as for seasoned veterans, KA-UX Newsletter (like all of their content) is worth subscribing to.

Picture of Maxime M.
Maxime M.

Simply put, I love Kickass UX’s newsletter. It's not just another generic, run-of-the-mill design newsletter. It feels like I’m getting thoughtful, personalized and actionable advice on how to level-up as a UX designer.

Picture of Camille C.
Camille C.

The newsletter is very informative for the average graphic designer who wants to learn more about UX. You also feel like you are part of a great community with great people and guidance.

Picture of Carol J.
Carol J.

As a junior designer, I've received a lot of value from this newsletter and other Kickass resources. It highlights relevant problems that I'm facing, but also offer sound advice on how to position myself to overcome those issues.

Picture of Dionne T.
Dionne T.

Hey Kickass team! I signed up for many newsletters to date, and to be honest you guys have one of the best newsletters.

Picture of Ajitesh B.
Ajitesh B.