Our guarantee.

After enrolling in one of our courses, you'll get a "One-year guarantee." Put simply, if you enroll, watch all of the videos, do all of the work, and don’t feel you've improved as a UX designer within 365 days, we’ll provide you a full refund and give you an extra $200 out of our own pockets.

Don't get us wrong, this is not a job guarantee. We won't promise something if we can't truly follow through for every single person. That said, we absolutely believe that if you put in the work, follow our guidance, and don't give up, you'll absolutely be able to get into UX.

Here's what you have to do to be eligible for the guarantee:

1. Complete the course in its entirety. If you ask for a refund, we'll check to make sure that you completed the course, the workbooks, a minimum of 2 case studies, and created your portfolio (including the 2 case studies). You must complete all of them in their entirety to be eligible for the guarantee.

2. Attend 80% of the weekly video calls and one-on-ones with your mentor. We know life happens, and for you to get the most value from the program, you'll need to be present for the vast majority of the calls.

3. Spend a minimum of 8 hours per week watching and implementing what you learn (e.g., watching lessons, creating your case studies, building your portfolio). There is absolutely no way around doing the work. In order to become a strong designer, you have to practice and take action. The more time you put in, the better you'll become. That's what will make you a kick-ass UX designer. It's okay if life happens and you miss a week here and there. But, if you don't put in the time and effort for weeks at a time, you won't improve and build your UX chops and you won't be eligible for the guarantee. If you plan on taking a few years to complete the course, awesome. Take as long as you need. You have lifetime access. You just won't qualify for the guarantee.

4. If, after you've completed the course, dedicated the time, created your case studies, and built your portfolio, you don't see an improvement in your UX skillset, email us within 365 days of your enroll date to start the refund process.

Here's how the guarantee DOES NOT apply:

1. You enroll, watch some of the videos, decide it's too difficult, and quit.

2. You enroll, never complete the course, and email us asking for a refund.

3. You enroll, don't do the work (e.g., watch the videos, complete the workbooks, complete your portfolio, continue practicing), and email us asking for a refund.

4. You enroll, do the work, complete the course, and email us after a year from your enroll date.

Payment cancellation policy

The Purchaser who enrolls may not cancel the contract under any circumstances outside the "One-year guarantee" period. Upon enrollment, the Purchaser will be responsible for the remaining balance of sale and must pay all further installments as agreed and on time. Should the Purchaser fail to make any payment as and when due, we reserve all our rights against the Purchaser for failure to make installment payments on time, including, but not limited to, mandating a collection agency or attorney to obtain payment from the Purchaser, which may adversely affect the Purchaser's credit rating. The Purchaser must reimburse us for all reasonable fees (including legal and collection agency fees) incurred in collecting the balance of sale and is not eligible for the "One-year guarantee."