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Nothing pisses us off more than people who don’t respect creatives.

People who don’t pay them fairly and who diminish their work. “Make the logo bigger,” “It’s not worth the money you’re asking for,” etc.

It’s time to flip the script.

That’s why we’re so motivated to bring the creative community together through UX education.

1️. Are you getting started on your UX journey?
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Free UX course: Join thousands of students and kickstart your UX journey. You'll learn the UX fundamentals and practice with our workbook.
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UX library: Check our in-depth articles where we talk about UX, UI, and other topics. It's the one-stop-shop of UX resources for creatives.
2. Are you asked to “do UX” for a client but you lack structure?
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UX plug & play: Battle-tested UX project kit. Conquer any UX project with confidence. Save tons of time.

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