Nicolle Reyes

Hello! I am currently a Marketing & Graphic Design Coordinator working to eventually transition into the field of UX Design.


Nicolle Reyes

Hello! I am currently a Marketing & Graphic Design Coordinator working to eventually transition into the field of UX Design.

What motivates you to mentor creatives?

What’s your current role and origin story as a creative?

Currently, I work as a Marketing and Graphic Design coordinator in the payout space. It is an interesting field and I am able to be creative and learn so much every single day!

From as far back as I can remember, I have always been creative. The earliest memory that I have is one of being frustrated while attempting to draw a police officer in his uniform. If I remember correctly, his shoulder was too boxy for my liking and I ended up starting the drawing over several times.

Whether it be drawing, painting, ceramics, music, writing, makeup, graphic design, or whatever it was, I always knew that I was going to end up doing something creative.

What creative work(s) are you the proudest of?

While I was still in school, I worked as a makeup artist at a MAC makeup counter. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I learned a lot about people, makeup artistry, and myself.

Aside from the product, we also had old-school paper face charts that we, the artists, would create in our downtime. Face charts helped with keeping track of products used, a repository of looks that clients could look through, or a way to mock up new makeup application techniques.

The challenge of creating face charts lies in the products used to create the looks. Makeup is a completely different medium to work with than colored pencils, paint, or oil pastels and required a different set of skills and lots of patience. That is why the creative work that I am most proud of is the first-ever face chart that I created.

What’s your current “creative studio”/desk setup like?

Since working from home, I have become very intentional about what I have in my workspace. I invested in a standing desk which has helped me start and finish my work days and be efficient with my time.

Also, my Ikea Mushroom light is a must. It is a proven endorphin booster!

Where do you go to get inspired?

Hobby Lobby, Goodwill, Home Goods, TJ Max, BAM, Michaels, Barns & Nobles, Target, Music stores. I rarely buy anything, unless I need to, but I love to walk through the stores and look through books, home décor, art supplies, or instruments. I think that seeing all of the possibilities of what can be, gets my creative juices flowing.

Do you have a ritual, or time of day that unleashes your creative powers?

My environment has a huge impact on my creativity and ability to focus. I always make sure that I leave my workspace clean and organized so that when I come to my desk the next morning, I am not mentally overwhelmed or distracted by any clutter.

I also enjoy listening to ASMR or Binaural Beats on YouTube as they instantly help me get in the zone and focus on those days when I start to feel a bit restless.

What’s an album that changed your life?

I can’t think of an album but there are three songs that I have been listening to on repeat. They are all just so beautiful and although they are sung in Yoruba, they speak to the soul.

Abiamo” by Temidayo Balogun

My Angel (Malaika)” by Harry Belafonte, Miriam Makeba

Awé” by Asa


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