Camille Contreras

Currently, I’m a graphic designer transitioning into UX. More specifically, in the food and tech industry.


Camille Contreras

Currently, I’m a graphic designer transitioning into UX. More specifically, in the food and tech industry.

What motivates you to mentor creatives?

What’s your current role and origin story as a creative?

I was always a creative. I knew that for sure. But growing up, I always felt a little lost because the big question I had was how do I make a career out of this? That is, until I discovered graphic design.

When I took design classes for the first time in college, it finally clicked. For the first time, I didn’t feel lost! I found what I was searching for and that was design!

So I dove into learning everything I could. It’s kinda funny to look back at that time because I literally made design my life. In school, I took all the classes, worked as a mentor helping other students, and even led an AIGA student group. Then in my free time, I would attend local design events in San Francisco.

Learning design introduced me to a world of creativity and shaped me into who I am today.

What creative work(s) are you the proudest of?

I am most proud of and like co., an online stationery shop that I co-founded with my friend Gracie.

We met at my very first job as a sales associate at a Hallmark store in San Francisco back when I was a design student. Fast forward to 2021, she introduced the idea of starting a stationery business together and that’s how and like co. was born!

Now, we have a small but mighty collection of cards and other goodies that I’m super proud of. Running this shop has allowed me to reconnect with my childhood hobby of illustrating and I also learned a lot about running a business in the process.

Currently, we’re taking a hiatus but plan to open back up in the spring! So check us out at!

What’s your current “creative studio”/desk setup like?

My intention with my desk setup was that it promotes healthy habits.

Last year, I felt the effects of sitting at a desk all day. I held more tension in my back and shoulders and started to experience symptoms of carpal tunnel. So, I invested in this standing desk and vertical mouse. They’re easily my favorite parts of my setup.

For good measure, I intentionally placed my desk right next to a window to remind myself to go outside for some fresh air and sunshine. When I can, I also like to work at a coffee shop or library for a change of scenery.

But on the day-to-day, this is definitely what I look like. The perks of WFH!

Where do you go to get inspired?

This is a hard one! I get inspiration from everywhere, really.

Actually, I was recently at Walmart and noticed a UX problem. I was in line and noticed an elderly couple that had put all of their items on the little child seat of their shopping cart. I’m assuming maybe it was because they have bad backs and have a hard time bending? That got me thinking about how there might be a better way to design a shopping cart that’s more accessible for folks with similar issues.

That’s just a little example from my everyday life. I don’t have a place per se. I like to be inspired organically.

Do you have a ritual, or time of day that unleashes your creative powers?

I don’t. All I need is good ‘ole ✨time and space✨.

My mind is constantly overflowing with thoughts and ideas. So for me to be creative, I like to do something chill that doesn't require too much deep thinking.

Maybe that means I go on a walk, tidy up around the house, fold some laundry. Stream-of-consciousness journaling also helps me out a lot. After stepping away for a bit, I can come back with a clearer head and am ready to put those creative thoughts and ideas into action.

One of my favorite trails is the San Francisco Bay Trail in Hercules, CA.

What’s an album that changed your life?

Proof by BTS.

Last year, I was introduced to BTS and my life was forever changed! This album reminds me of when I saw them for the first time at their Permission to Dance concert in Las Vegas.

I went into it not knowing what to expect and was surprised by how amazing the whole experience was. I have never been to a concert surrounded by such positive and happy vibes. It was life-changing for sure!


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