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to uplevel their careers

Learn UX. Network. Expand your skills.

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Who is the Kickass Family for?

Graphic Designers
Web & UI Designers
Visual Designers

Why this community?

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Learning UX isn’t easy. Transitioning from Graphic, Web or UI Design to UX isn’t either.
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Going through it alone is TOUGH!
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With Kickass Family you can rely on a tight-knit community of designers who  support each other in their UX journey.
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Create meaningful relationships, and fast-track your UX learning. 🚀
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See you inside!
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You deserve a community to learn, practice, and
Not a community where people just share links and no one participates.

What you'll get:

Kick back & learn UX/UI at your pace

Master UX/UI methodologies by learning and practicing the fundamentals.

Free UX
Monthly challenges
Monthly topic deep dives

Network & get your questions answered.

Get access to a community of designers learning UX and upleveling their careers.

Bi-weekly live office hours
live Q&A
Network with design peers

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What you'll get?

The more you contribute to the community, the more value you'll unlock. It's a win-win.

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Updates on Kickass Family


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Level 1


Private community access
Free UX design course (videos + PDFs + workbook)
Weekly challenges
Monthly topic deep divees
Live office hours every other week


First, fill out a simple questionnaire. Based on your design expertise, we’ll let you know if you made it in. Finally, accept the email invitation to join our community platform. 
Level 2


5% discount on any of our courses
Monthly Q&A to get your questions answered
Office hour video recordings


Be in the top 10% of active community members.


What is a UX/UI community?

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A UX/UI community is a group made up of aspiring and/or current UX design professionals. These communities typically consist of user experience designers, interaction designers, creative directors, visual designers, prototypers, information architects, and usability analysts.

Both UI designers and UX design professionals face the same challenges because the two fields are fairly similar. Consequently, it’s pretty common to find UI designers in UX communities.

UX communities serve different purposes. They help designers meet and network with other professionals in the field. You will also find beginners, intermediates, and experts in these communities. There are plenty of learning and networking opportunities when you join a good UX community.

What are the best UX design communities for meeting people?

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There are many online UX design communities. Most of these groups are hosted on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Slack. Unfortunately, only a small portion of UX design communities deliver value. The vast majority are made up of members sharing links and nothing else.

The best UX design communities have active members that are committed to helping each other out. A community that helps you meet, network, and learn from UX designers of all skill levels from around the world. That’s the kind of community we’ve built at Kickass UX.

What can I expect from the Kickass UX community?

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The Kickass UX community (Kickass Family) is a tight-knit group of designers. The goal of the community is to help graphic designers learn and practice UX, and grow in their careers. You can expert an active community of people eager to help you out when you’re stuck. A community that will challenge you to be better and stay on top of the ever-evolving UX design world.

The Kickass UX community hosts a live Q&A session every month. Members are also given monthly challenges, topic deep-dives, a free UX design course, and bi-weekly office hours.

What kind of people are members of the community?

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The Kickass UX community is made up of graphic designers, visual designers, and UI designers. The community consists of members of different skill levels, so newbies and experienced designers alike feel comfortable.

The Kickass UX community is split into three levels; level 0, level 1, and level 2. Members who are the most engaged and continually participate get upgraded to higher levels where they receive more resources. 

For example, level 1 members get our free UX design course, weekly office hours, weekly challenges, and monthly topic deep dives. Meanwhile, level 2 members are given a 5% discount on Kickass courses, monthly Q&A sessions, and office hour video recordings.

Will this community help me in my career?

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In our humble opinions, yes, the Kickass UX community will help you learn and grow as a user experience designer. Our community provides networking opportunities where you will meet top designers.

You will also find the weekly challenges, monthly Q&A sessions, and our collection of courses very helpful. These will fast-track your learning process, equipping you with all the skills you need to be a successful UX designer.